JOIN ME... as I hold your hand and TEACH you to protect energy.  

Plus learn to turn down the volume of the noise in your head and the pain in your body in less than 1 minute!  

AND block and return other's needs that keep you stuck

so you can:

  • be with the people you love
  • transform how you manage YOUR very loud, scary, chaotic world
  • Take back control a little more each week! 


Get Out of Overwhelm Basics 

VIRTUAL Workshop For Beginners

More than anything else... do you want to...  

  • Make Overwhelm a memory! 
  • End Self-Isolation!  
  • Build better lasting, loving Relationships!  
  • Get and keep the Dream Job! 
  • Be a better parent or partner or friend or lover!

This Workshop Series is for YOU IF:  

  • You are a highly sensitive person, who has never felt right in her/his own skin.
  • You need to self-isolate for a long time - alone - to recover from daily work, social events, and even the daily News.  
  • You've been struggling to figure out WHY you have NEVER fit in! 
  • You desperately want to stop attracting narcissists, controllers, and abusers.  
  • You want bad relationship patterns to end... NOW and FOREVER! 
  • You need space to breathe. 
  • You want to be the best parent to your highly sensitive kids.
  • You are searching for answers in facts and science, but still like your crystals, prayers, and mantras.  

If you are sick and tired, of feeling sick and tired and ready to stop the overwhelm of everyday life... this workshop is for YOU! 

What's Different About Shielding Basics Training

Easy language because you don't need the stress of science words when learning something new. 

It's ALL Brain Science:  You learn hands-on overwhelm management tools that use Brain Science, 

Body Language Awareness:  Discover how to manage other's emotional chaos using vibrational energy...  Brain Science made super EASY!

Plus... Right from Day 1... you take-away hands-on self-protection skills!

Have you ever wanted to learn something FAST! 

You want new tools to STICK... So you never forget how to use what you need in the exact moment when you need it!  

Learn HOW to make your in-born natural protection work on auto-pilot because you've reminded your brain how it was designed to protect you naturally! 

Your BRAIN's natural Fight or Flight Survival System is the secret to self-protection!

BUT to do all the above... You need to know how to...

  • STOP all the noise in your head and body so you can think clearly.
  • BLOCK other's loud emotions and pain from getting stuck in your body.
  • GET RESPECTED, heard and appreciated.
  • HEAL from stress anxiety disorders that meds don't help.
  • HELP your kids manage their own highly sensitive behaviours.

If this is YOU, and IF you finally want to...

  • FEEL NORMAL in your own skin so you breathe deeply, sleep well, and love life.
  • CONTROL...OVERWHELM...  without stress so you feel comfortable walking into any room and know you aren't hiding out from life.
  • CREATE THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE you know is waiting to be lived.  

Imagine feeling completely safe in your own skin no matter where you were? 


What Graduate Students Are Saying!

Christi Naranjo Stringfellow... USA "I would say before I met Sue, I never knew anything about protective shielding. Now? Absolutely! Don't know how I made it through half my life without knowing. It's all thanks to you that I have more balance in my life from this..."

Tina Seroke... USA "Thank you Sue! It's wild and amazing! Being an empath feels more like a gift than ever before! It feels like new life is being breathed into my body! Specifically doing Shielding Training to manage controlling negative co-workers, I felt a shift in energy and it continues to change!"

Ronya Heylander... Sweden "... with Susan, I got another tool for managing energy in a way that I had never heard of before! There are a lot of different technologies out there to handle / protect ourselves from other people's energies, but they never worked for me! Susan's technical, professional, respectful and wonderfully soft way of coaching has the hand on my heart, changed me deeply, and gives me a much easier life. It is big!"

Cheryl Chase:  USA "You have blessed my life and have been such a beacon for me to share with others I am grateful for you"

Anonymous SC... USA  "I’m a stay-at-home Mom who is highly sensitive to stress in other people. I came to you to learn how to manage the overwhelm and to improve how I communicate and am heard by others. In only 6 sessions, my relationships improved, communication became so much easier, I’m misunderstood less often and people are really opening up, making me feel welcome, and trusting me. AND my chronic, untreatable pain went away and hasn't come back! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you, Sue." 

Workshop Agenda:  Every Week is a Win...

Week 1: Prove your Energy Shield is REAL: Touch Your Shielding: Feel the electricity - program your first simple energy protection - send a simple blocking message to a bully.

Week 2: Ground your Shield Electrically: Never again get knocked down by negative energy. Fine tune your first simple blocking message.

Week 3: Learn to Repair Your Shield in 1 minute per day- Give your body space to breathe and move freely and heal every day. Intro to First Alerts Body Language. Repair your Shield practice.

Week 4: Learn to Read the Body Language your Brain uses to Pre-Warn of Energy Attacks. Program your first auto-responder, non-verbal Return-to-Sender Message that blocks damaging energy from getting into your body.

Week 5: Learn how to Identify Emotional Energy Attacks BEFORE they slam into and get stuck in your body. Program your 2nd protective auto-responder to Filter, Block and Respond to one category of negative or controlling emotional broadcast with a Return to Sender Message that gets heard and calms your energy attacker.

Week 6: Program 3rd Protective Auto-Responder to filter, block and respond to one more category of negative or controlling emotional broadcast for someone in your life.

Week 7: Bonus Session: Bringing it all together and and next steps

Registration by Credit or Debit Card available even if you are not a PayPal Member.  Scroll below the PayPal Login to 'Pay by Credit or Debit'

Workshop Includes:  

1. 10.5 hours of Live Virtual Training 

2. Replay MP3 Audio - listen to anytime / anywhere

3. Replay Mp4 Video of Every Session - never miss a visual minute

4. Additional Resources:  Transcripts, Resources, Downloadable Lesson Notes 

5. Private Access Support:  Coach facilitated FB Support group for all participants to ask questions, share wins, make like-minded friends who understand the training and the challenges. 

6. Email Access to your coach between sessions
7. Discounted 1:1 Private Coaching:  Deal with the stuck places in private session

8. Find your Tribe:  Every participant learns the same process, speaks the same protection language, understands you and you understand them.  

Workshop Date

  • March 15, 2021
  • Limited Space: 20 Participants Per Series 
  • Easy Payment Arrangements Available for All Sessions
  • Register NOW see below 

Empath Shielding Basics Workshop Series 

(for Highly Sensitive Empaths)

 Cost:  $299 

Easy Payment Options Available

Starting Soon

Classes Start March 15, 2021 

Zoom Virtual Classroom     

Limited to 20 Participants

To Create your own group - bring your own tribe please Contact 

[email protected]